Acne Specialist Consultation - $30 (1 Hour)

Understanding acne is the only way to truly know how to control it. In this consultation, we will discuss what exactly acne is and go over lifestyle choices that affect your skin such as diet, ingredients, stress, sleep, supplements, food aggravators and more! I will then determine your skin type and the treatment plan that is recommended for you to treat your specific type of acne. If you plan to move ahead please expect to spend around $350 on home care products at the first appointment. Please also know that you will need to see me every 2-4 weeks for treatments until the acne is under control. Most commonly recommended treatments are the Acne Clarifying Facial, Chemical Peels and DMK Enzyme Therapy. It's important to understand that acne isn't cured, it is managed. Clear skin doesn't happen overnight, in most cases it takes at least 90 days and for some longer. Your results will largely depend on how committed you are to your lifestyle, skincare and professional treatments.

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